1995 Chevrolet Lumina LS

November 10, 2009

So, everything I had had an issue with in my Regal – windows, A/C, radio – was no longer a problem when I got my Lumina. Not just any Lumina – oh yes, it was an LS, which means it had upgraded cloth seats (leather wasn’t an option yet), better wheels and rims (my first and only car that had 16" tires) an upgraded stereo (no CD player), and standard power seat, power windows, power locks, keyless entry, etc. I was uptown! It also had a 3.1 liter engine (the 3.8 became optional in 1998, and the other engine available in the Monte Carlo in 1995 was a 3.4 liter engine). Well, 160 hp the 3.1L had was better than the 125 hp my Regal had, but the car weighed more, so any gains I had really weren’t that great.

The car rode smooth, was relatively quiet, and was reliable – except for one thing: more a safety issue than anything else – the brake lights (not the center mounted brake light) would only illuminate if I pulled in on the turn signal stalk (which was also bright lights, cruise, and windshield wipers). I never did figure out why this was.

The A/C wasn’t really cold, but it was ok. The cupholders didn’t really hold cups, just cans, but it was ok. The glove box had a huge opening, but didn’t hold much, but it was ok. The car of niggling little things – but it was ok.

Then I got into a bad wreck with a 2002 Acura TL…that crushed in my Lumina’s front end, and inflated the airbags (giving me burns on my arms from the contact with the "potato sack" material). Insurance totaled it out, and I was onto my next car – I got away from the W-Bodys for a little while.

So, a little research on the Lumina – they were the first vehicle to get an overhaul of the W-Body platform. The next vehicles to get revised were the 1997 Buick Century, 1997.5 Buick Regal, 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix, and the 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. The Lumina got all the dash improvements, basic stereo, engine, and safety upgrades that the other 1995-96 W-Body’s got. Up until 1995, there was only an airbag for the driver, and the interior and exterior styling was very dated, so GM gave the W-Body platform minor revisions for 1995.


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