2000 Buick Regal LS

November 10, 2009

All right – back to the W-Body cars. This Regal was awesome – powerful enough, quiet, smooth but not floaty, good looking (relative, mind you), and better interior materials and design than any other car I owned. This car was polar opposite of the Grand Am – this car just WORKED, and made me fall in love with it. So, a great car – what made me want another? Shaking – I tried to have it diagnosed multiple times. Spent over $2000, and I still couldn’t get it figured out. Most garages stopped even looking at it – they would lift it up on their machines, and it would almost shake off when they put it in gear. I felt unsafe driving it, so I traded it in…I felt that maybe it was best to get away from my W-Body cars, and go with a different platform – hence my LeSabre.

The reason I got the LS instead of the GS, with its supercharged engine? Premium fuel – at the time, multiple websites said the supercharged engine (used in the Riviera, Park Avenue, and the Pontiac Grand Prix) needed premium fuel – although many owners said they ran fine on regular. I wish I knew if those owners ever had any issues with those engines…

Anyway, the Regal LS had the award winning 3.8L engine, which was still in use up until the 2009 model year in the Lacrosse and the Lucerne. The 3.8 was really good on fuel, yet powerful enough for me to get speeding tickets very easily.

Research: I feel like I went over a little bit of the Regal information with the Lumina post, but in 1997, Buick heavily, heavily revised the Century (which had been riding on the same platform since the early 80’s) and halfway into ’97 came out with the Regal. With a nice interior, more soundproofing, and some suspension pieces from its sportier sister the Grand Prix, the Regal was the "supercharged family sedan." It was hard to find a Regal that wasn’t loaded. Sales never really were that great, but the Century was a good seller. Since the Century and the Regal looked so similar, most people probably never looked beyond the sheet metal.


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