Now onto Computers- the Dell Inspiron 1501.

November 10, 2009

So, my computers won’t have near as much detail as my cars – of course, they shouldn’t, considering they are not in the same category at all. My wife and I both have Dell Inspiron 1501’s. I am an AMD fan, and Intel did not have a good mobile processor (not that I’m saying AMD’s is great) at the time of purchase, or one that was in my price range, so we (I) went with AMD. We have the AMD Turion X2 TL-56 processor, 2GB of RAM, 120 GB hard drive (since upgraded to 320GB in mine), the rest is the basic configuration.

We got Windows Vista Home Premium with our machines, and it was shortly before Microsoft had release Service Pack 1. We were able to install multiple updates that helped the performance and reliability of Vista tremendously, and those updates were included of course in SP1. In January of this year, I started experimenting with Windows 7 Beta, and was so impressed, I have not looked back on Vista. However, my wife did not have such good luck. Her IE (8, but in Release Candidate form) tabs would freeze up, and since 99% of the time she spends on the computer have to do with the Internet, and she didn’t like Chrome or Firefox (neither do I really) she switched back to Vista.

By that time, Microsoft had released SP2 for Vista, and also Security Essentials. Immediately, Security Essentials started notifying her that websites she visited were trying to “attack” her computer. AVG Free had done no such thing – in my opinion, that is what caused her problems on Windows 7.

Shortly after we got our computers, Dell introduced several new product lines for their laptops, and redesigned the look of their laptops. I have looked at their new laptops multiple times, especially for Danielle. She uses her laptop much more than I use mine, and she needs a new one. However, her sisters have Toshiba’s, and they seem much nicer…the look, the feel, the design, the parts used seem much nicer than what we have, or what Dell has. In conclusion – our next one might be a Toshiba, unless Dell can release something worth buying.


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