2010 Ford Fusion Gets MT Car of the Year!

November 17, 2009

From Autoblog:

“…The Fusion, Taurus and Mustang were all in the running, but it was Ford’s redesigned mid-size sedan, the Fusion, that took home the coveted Golden Calipers.
In retrospect, the choice is a solid one and not all that surprising. The Fusion was extensively reworked for the 2010 model year and features a new exterior design, new models and new powertrains. Ford offers a four-cylinder model, two strong V6 options and a full-on parallel hybrid variant, which means buyers should have no trouble finding a Fusion that fits their needs.”

Congratulations Ford!

I am a Buick man, and of course the new Lacrosse was in the running, but I am so happy that a domestic make for the calipers! I really thought the redesigned Subary Legacy would get CoTY. The Subaru Forester got SUV of the Year last year, the Subaru Outback got it this year, and since the Legacy is the Outback in sedan form, I really thought Motor Trend would select it.

Remember when domestic sedans ruled the sales roost? I think it was because there were so many variants of them – one for everybody. Sedans, coupes, wagons, convertibles…small, midsize, large, larger…and now the Fusion carries that torch on – there are a lot of variations in the style, engines, and options. One for almost everybody.

Good job Ford, and I am so happy you were rewarded for all your hard work!



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