Satellite Internet

November 23, 2009

Preface: I work at a local telephone company that offers dial-up and DSL Internet. The DSL has several different plans to pick from, ranging from 1.5Mbps to 6.0Mbps, different dial-up accounts built into the DSL plan, different number of emails depending on what plan you choose, and it is all unlimited – there is no cap on what you use. I had the 1.5Mbps plan, and last month moved up to the 6.0Mbps plan.

I was blessed recently to be able to spend a weekend with my grandparents, and my aunt. They live in the same house – a house that I visited when I was younger and hasn’t changed that much. I love the house, love my family, but hate the Internet there.

I thought I hated the dial-up service my aunt subscribed to – she lives further out in an ATT exchange, and must be on some pair-gain equipment, because her dial-up speeds were terrible no matter who her ISP was.

However, she has since signed up with a satellite Internet provider (not telling who, although there are very limited options in the area) and it is good as long as you don’t look at any website that has graphics, video, or any other type of multimedia. So, basically, this Internet connection would have been wonderful ten years ago. It isn’t able to keep up with my web surfing habits, however. And I don’t mean those types of surfing habits…no, I mean CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Facebook, Autoblog, etc.

Visited those websites lately on a “high-speed” connection? See what I mean? They aren’t bad – they do have a lot of multimedia though, and it just killed my aunt’s connection.

Now, to be fair, you should expect this from a satellite connection – they do their best to make sure you understand that you have a daily cap, a monthly cap, and extra charges everywhere.

I understand that if it’s all you can get, it may be better than dial-up most of the time. I hope it is…I really do. It’s sad to think that I will be looking first and foremost at what type of Internet connections are available where I want to live in the future, instead of things like: does it have a big backyard? how many bedrooms? what are the taxes like?


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