Kia Forte Koup and Honda Civic Coupe

December 9, 2009

I have thought since seeing the Kia Forte (and the Forte Koup), that they look an awful lot like something already out on the market. In fact, they look like a compact car that has been on the market since 2006. I am talking about the Honda Civic.

The profile is almost an exact copy of the Civic’s – the rakish windshield, the silhouette of the windows, the rear – all are very similar to the Civic. Now, the Civic is a very nice car. And many people think of it as upscale compared to other small cars in the market. But, (and the Koup looks to be a nice car) I feel like Kia should have done a little more to differentiate itself from other compact cars. I know its previous small car was decent, and didn’t stand out, and the Forte looks to be a huge leap over the Spectra, but I just wish they would have done something a little different to keep a brand new vehicle from looking like something from 2006. (Having said that, maybe Honda was just too forward thinking in ‘06, and the design of the Forte is a tribute to how good a design Honda has.)

The Forte, and last year’s Optima, have the new Kia styling, which looks very tasteful, yet sporty. The new Sorento, and the next Amanti, take this look even further, and I think Kia will have a winning lineup in the next year or so.

To see the profile of the Kia Forte Koup and Honda Civic Coupe side by side, go here.


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