The Big Move (Spreadsheet)

October 21, 2010


Shown below is the spreadsheet (thank you Excel 2010!) that I used to kind of narrow down my choices. I have some vehicles thrown in for fun: Lucerne, Sable, Taurus, Terraza, Enclave. You can tell I have a Buick fascination, because otherwise why is the Terraza or Enclave included? (Terraza is way too short to be considered, and Enclave is way too expensive – even though it would be the perfect vehicle for me)

Sadly, to me, it looks like the Outback wins. It has everything I need, even if I would like a little more rear seat room. Buick’s Rainier, and Mercury’s Mountaineer were my frontrunners until I did this spreadsheet – the Rainier is too unsafe, even though it meets all of my other criteria. Mountaineer is almost perfect – except for its fuel mileage.

The Lambda (Traverse, Outlook, Enclave) group is good, even though they have less rear room than the Equinox/Terrain. Just so you know, I chose vehicles that are loaded – CXL, Limited, LTZ, SLT, RTL, etc. trims. I also chose AWD/4WD when available.




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