Follow up to OneNote in the Classroom

February 12, 2017

Like in my previous post, I was trying to record an audio  lecture in OneNote. This worked pretty well, and made me excited for the possibilities this would open up for my students.

Being the type of person I am, I started doing some research in to if this is the best solution for me. OneNote is definitely my favorite note-taking application, and using the Pen from my Surface works wonderfully (if only my penmanship were better). I came across an article that listed what Khan from Khan Academy uses – I can’t afford the Camtasia Studio – I think that’s what it’s called – software, but a low-cost version called SnagIt is available.

I have played around with it – and I love it. I have already recorded a couple of videos, and am looking forward to doing more. Now I need to work on sounding more excited – without students faces looking at me, I guess it’s not driving me to talk in the manner which I usually do.

I have heard of some people lecturing in a mirror – they’ll record their audio, but while doing so, they’ll have a mirror nearby. Maybe I’ll try that.


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