Hi! My name is Jacob, and I love hearing and talking about cars and technology…I have a gorgeous wife and a beautiful daughter, and I live in a small town in Oklahoma. This blog will be mostly about cars and tech, with some other stuff thrown in!

So, since this site will be mostly about cars and technology, what cars do I like? What computers do I like?

Cars – I like quiet, elegant cars. Nothing flashy, just enough to get noticed. I want something powerful enough to haul my family and I (I am about 300 pounds, 6’1″, so no compact cars), but not powerful enough to be costly on insurance. Buicks are my first choice, which I feel weird about, because I am 25.

Computers – I like PCs. No Macs here, although I would love to try one out. I am now using Windows 7, and am loving it. I didn’t really have an issue with Windows Vista (of course, I got it right around Service Pack 1 time), and I don’t like running XP. I have been trying Windows 7 out since last January, when Microsoft posted the Beta, and then I upgraded to the Release Candidate, and just now started using the RTM. (I had to wait until Dell sent out their free upgrade discs!)


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