So, since I’ve given a little background on the Taurus, let me give you a little bit of background about what Buick has done to their Lacrosse. Clue: it’s the opposite of what Ford did.

The 2009 Buick Lacrosse had a huge trunk, but a tiny rear seat. This wasn’t it’s fault – the platform it was built on (dating from 1988) was designed with a certain size rear seat in mind. It was fine during the late 80’s, early 90’s…but even in the 1997 Regal redesign, the backseat wasn’t huge. That was left for the Park Avenue…but Buick got rid of that car in 2005. The Regal was replaced with the Lacrosse – also in 2005.

The Lucerne replaced the Park Avenue and the LeSabre, and it definitely provided enough rear legroom. Why even bring up Lucerne? Because for 2011, Buick is replacing the Lucerne with the Lacrosse. There may be an actual full size car in Buick’s future (based on the next-gen Zeta platform), but for now, Buick is starting to rely on Lacrosse as their large car. When Buick redesigned the Lacrosse, they gave it a huge rear seat – almost as big as the Lucerne’s. And that’s great – more rear legroom is always welcome. But, and this may not matter to many, but it’s odd to me. Buick shrunk the trunk from 18 cubic feet…to 12. Not only that, they have these hinges that hang down into the trunk, smashing anything in their way as you close the trunk lid. Smart? Not very.

The whole point to this blog is this: why redesign a car, and make it better in almost every way, but ruin a good thing? Oh yeah, Buick, you fixed almost every single thing that was wrong with the old Lacrosse…but got rid of a good point of the old one.

Same way, Ford: you redesigned a good car, and made it great. But, did you really need to shrink the backseat so much?